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Definitely fits!

So I started building my site over at http://simplywarped.com, backed it up and canceled my new Arvixe.com account cuz they had this great weekend special, a lifetime account at 50% off. So, I thought I’d restore the site from backup. That didn’t happen, so now I have to rebuild it from scratch. After a weekend of no Internet because the account password was somehow mysteriously changed, there’s ‘net again, so last night I brought the site back up.

This blog is supposed to be about weaving and such, but the only weaving I’ve done is box weaving. It’s nice, but tedious. I’m weaving this bag for my friend and she doesn’t want any pictures. No tapestry, and I don’t have time to do any lazies to create a pattern, so I’m bored to death by the bag.

Anyway, I’ve yet to add the blog to the website, and once I do that (it may get done before the store is completed and populated), links here will direct there. The irony of it is now that I spent the cash on getting my own domain, I’m going back home!

So, lots of packing during the day, after teaching, of course, and website building at night. Box weaving between the breaks.


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Giving Myself Fits!

It’s been many a year since I quit website building, and now I’m paying the price for not keeping my hands in.

At first, I was going to stick with WordPress, but, then, I decided I wanted the site to be a store, a weaving blog, an English research paper writing class, and a place for continuing novel writing. Therefore, I looked to Drupal, and that’s where the fits have come in.

Drupal has changed much since I ran a blog on it years ago. While it’s still an exciting CMS, it comes with a learning curve, or, in this case, a re-learning curve. So, I’ve installed, deleted, re-installed and so on a whole lot over the past few days. Finally, today, the store site was fully installed.

Over the next few days, configuring and modifying will be the order of things. Then I will move the blog over post by post … unless I can find a way to download all the posts and reload them in Drupal.

The point of it all is to avoid the whole can’t-access-the-site nightmare, and to expand.

Why do I want to have an online English writing classroom? Frankly, a lot of people can’t write, and it’s tiring reading poor prose chockfull of grammatical, spelling, and sentence construction errors. Besides, I want to do this. There’s somebody out there who wants to and has to write a paper and doesn’t know how, and wants to learn how. The is somebody out there who won’t mind brutal criticism–eh, sorry, I don’t sugar-coat. If you want to learn, take it bark and all. There’s somebody out there who won’t mind being told to re-do from the ground up, who won’t mind learning how to think in a logical and very structured manner. That person would be quite welcome at Didaskale, the name of the new site, when it goes up, of course.

So, when I can get on here, I will post here. When I can’t, I won’t hurt my heart over it. What I want to retain is the marvelous WP community of people with like interests. So, this site will remain active.

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Moving on up!

Staying on WordPress software, but moving to Grapson.

I will cross post when I have access.

Update: the site at the link is not set up yet, and it will run on Drupal, one big site to rule them all.

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I’m going to get at least 3 kgs of that silk cashmere yarn in 250g and 125g balls, and the colors will be varied. Some of it will be sold at Simply Warped, and some of it will go towards creating Vanity of Vanities, the tapestry of King Solomon in his old age, seated in faded glory.

That’s the tapestry that almost had me bringing the Mirrix Joni to China. Good thing I didn’t. Vanity is going to be big, and the silk cashmere yarn will add the richness that the tapestry well deserves.

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Everyone going on a journey packs clothing. My priority is yarn, so the yarn will travel with me, as will the various hand looms I brought, while the clothing will be mailed, except for the winter stuff, mom course.

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Box weaving

Now that I’ve decided to head home, I have to finish weaving my friend’s bag on the box. It’s a case of getting it done, and it’s been dragging because she doesn’t want any interest added to it. Just plain weave around and around and around until the bag is done. I had planned to add subtle interest with some lazy lines, like putting her initials on it by that means. However, now that is out because the press is on to get ‘er done!

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Silk cashmere

The 85% silk-15% cashmere yarn sample came in the mail today. I like it. The vendor sent a deep rich royal purple that just makes me itch to use it. However, it is so expensive that I don’t want to buy it to stock, though I may buckle and buy one 2 kg cone and keep one for myself. It’s smooth, silky, glossy, rich.

It’s a 3/72 unless he made a mistake and meant 2/72 blend. I can visualize how it would drape and flow and gleam when woven.

Let me stop talking before I talk myself into several cones of it. No yarn should be so yummy!

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